In partnership with Eden Faulkner and under the guidance of Victoria Chi,
I helped develop a branding and wayfinding system for Invisible Worlds, an exhibition in downtown Raleigh. Invisible Worlds showcased collaborations between NC State University scientists and designers and The Leading Strand, bringing the unseen into focus through science-based art installations. 


Primary promotional image for Invisible Worlds designed by Eden Faulkner and Jessye Holmgren-Sidell

Visual System

We wanted our visual system to look modern, but still organic.  Eden Faulkner and I referenced topography, tree rings, and outer space when developing our imagery. We then used a combination of traditional and digital medias to make the final components.

Signage and promotional imagery for exhibition teams Synthetic Antibiotics, Ultrafast Quantum Matter, and Dark Matter designed by Jessye Holmgren-Sidell

Using the visual system Eden and I developed for the primary promotional image, I created the signage and promotional imagery for three installations. Each image abstractly represents the science behind the exhibition pieces.

Exhibition Wayfinding

Invisible Worlds installation at Transfer Co. Food Hall, June 2018


Initial Sketches

Digital Iterations

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